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Author: Victoria Leonhardt

Several weeks ago, the Superior Health Foundation partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to provide funding to public schools in the U.P. to assure lunches are available. BCBS and SHF each committed $12,500 in funding to the project. We’re pleased to report that dozens of school districts across Read more…

The Superior Health Foundation will comply with Executive Orders coming out of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office. With this new mandate as of tomorrow morning, March 24, our team will work primarily from home.  Like most, our hope is to reopen on or before April 14, 2020. During this unprecedented time, Read more…

To immediately help address the many emergent equipment and programming needs of health-centered, non-profits in the Upper Peninsula, the Superior Health Foundation has developed the “Covid-19 Pandemic Fund and Fundraiser.”  Over the weekend, the Superior Health Foundation Grants Committee and SHF Board of Directors unanimously agreed to dedicate $25,000 in Read more…

In rapid response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and its effects on school-age children in the Upper Peninsula, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is committing philanthropic dollars to the Upper Peninsula to provide funding to public schools to ensure lunches are available.  Blue Cross is committing $12,500 in its Read more…

During this time of uncertainty and stress with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the Superior Health Foundation is committed to providing help, guidance and solutions to the region. The Superior Health Foundation is a health-centered, non-profit in the Upper Peninsula whose mission is to “assist with unmet healthcare needs, with health Read more…

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolves, Michigan Public Transit Association (MPTA) and Michigan Transportation Connection (MTC) feel it is important to acknowledge the fluidity of the situation and maintain a reasoned and measured response. This message is to update you on our position regarding workplace safety and our efforts to Read more…

Get all the details on the annual gala, golf outing, grants training, breast health fund and more in this season’s edition of the Superior Health Foundation Happenings. Not subscribed? Sign up here!

Providing an opportunity for a better future was on the minds of many people as they came together to make the new Ripple Recovery Residence in L’Anse a reality, and soon the new facility will be welcoming its first residents. “This project is a culminating effort of concerned citizens trying Read more…

Rides to Wellness is a comprehensive non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) program. Michigan Transportation Connection (MTC) received a two-year, $800,000 grant from the Superior Health Foundation to build a service in all 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula to provide transportation for NEMT.  This process involves finding transportation providers to provide Read more…

Following an incredibly successful Painting the Peninsula Pink in October 2019, the Superior Health Foundation proudly awarded $22,368 to the Marquette County Health Department on Wednesday to be used for the SHF Breast Health Fund. This past fall, SHF partnered with West Iron County schools in Iron River on the Read more…

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Superior Health Foundation
Superior Health Foundation
Several weeks ago, the Superior Health Foundation partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan to provide funding to public schools in the U.P. to assure lunches are available. BCBS and SHF each committed $12,500 in funding to the project.
We're pleased to report that dozens of school districts across the region have been provided funding to help them through the Covid-19 Pandemic.
There are limited dollars still remaining in the fund. If interested in applying, simply visit and click on the Covid-19 Relief School Meal Funding Application.
The map below and accompanying info show the U.P. counties impacted by this funding. It goes without saying that SHF is tremendously grateful to BCBS of Michigan for engaging SHF on this incredible partnership to feed our children.
Superior Health Foundation
Superior Health Foundation
As many of you know, the Superior Health Foundation launched the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund a week ago today to help health-centered, non-profits and organizations across the Upper Peninsula with immediate equipment, sanitary supplies and other other needs. We want to hear from you.
To date, we have funded a number of organizations across the U.P. and we want to do more. We're willing and able to talk, to listen, to help you during this unprecedented time.
To apply for funding, for up to $1,000, simply visit and click on the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund button on the home page.
We also encourage you to give a charitable, tax-deductible git to help support this fund. With your generosity, we can help many, many during this time of angst and uncertainty. You can direct your gift to the area of greatest need, to masks, to cleaning supplies and to office equipment.
Thank you for your tremendous support. If you have questions or needs, simply email
Superior Health Foundation
Superior Health Foundation
Covid-19 Update on UP Connect/Rides For Wellness for Non-Emergent Medical Transportation in the U.P.

At this time, public transit agencies across the Upper Peninsula and the MTC ConnectUP Rides To Wellness program are still operating as normal. We are still accepting trip requests and fulfilling them and will continue to do so as long as our transportation partners remain open and functioning.
As everything with the new reality we are living under the Covid-19 pandemic, this situation is fluid and can change on a daily basis. Unless transit agencies are forced to suspend operations, though, we intend to still be able to function and schedule trips.
We are seeing a lot of medical appointments cancelled, some by the medical providers and some by the riders who do not choose to venture out of their homes. We have worked with all of our providers to make sure that vehicles are properly cleaned and disinfected on a regular daily schedule, often several times per day.
We have temporarily suspended further build-out of our transportation provider network and have cut back significantly on bringing on new funding partners; however, due to the uncertainty of the current situation.
All of our MTC employees are currently working remotely from their homes.
We are hopeful that the immediate danger from the coronavirus will pass quickly and that we can resume full operations in the not-too-distant future.