SHF Funds

Breast Health Fund

The SHF Breast Health Fund exists due to monies that have been raised by the Superior Health Foundation (SHF) through Painting the Peninsula Pink, an annual fundraiser in October, along with other individual gifts.  Across the Upper Peninsula, it is a source of philanthropic funding/financial support to help minimize the out-of-pocket expenses for those who most need charitable support, for breast-care related bills, biopsies, procedures and ultrasound tests. It is designed to help those uninsured and those facing high deductibles and co-pays on their insurance.

Equipment Fund

The Equipment Fund through the Superior Health Foundation is helping to improve the health of people in the Upper Peninsula. From winter sports helmets, to wheelchairs, to automatic external defibrillators, to exercise equipment, the fund has proven to enrich lives and improve health outcomes for people all across the Upper Peninsula.

The SHF earmarks $10,000 annually for Equipment Fund purchases up to $2,500 and requests have far exceeded expectations. The SHF seeks to match $10,000 by teaming up with individuals and businesses in order to increase the number of requests granted through the Equipment Fund.

Indigent Care Fund

The Superior Health Foundation is now accepting large grant applications for its Indigent Care Fund.

SHF will award funding at its spring grant celebration in mid April. Grants requests cannot exceed $5,000.

Applications will be accepted from February 1 through February 29.

The Superior Health Foundation’s Grants Committee will review the applications and will make its recommendations to the SHF Board of Directors at its March board meeting.

Run for Life Organ Donation Fund

To summarize our understanding of the “Run For Life” Fund:

Purpose: The Purpose of the Run For Life Organ Donation Fund is to assist organ transplant patients with medical costs, prescription and mileage expenses, as well as assist potential organ donors with travel expenses. All monies will stay in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Process: Proceeds for the Run for Life Fund are raised year round, with the largest portion of money being raised at the annual “Run For Life” event each summer. To qualify for philanthropic funding through the Superior Health Foundation, patients must meet certain criteria.