Proactive Grant Giving

The Superior Health Foundation (SHF) is pleased to launch its 2021 Proactive Grant Focus process with the release of a Request for Proposals (RFP) for projects positioned to make an impact on improving food insecurities throughout the entire Upper Peninsula.   

“Food Insecurities has and continues to be a major health issue in the Upper Peninsula,” said Jim LaJoie, executive director of the Superior Health Foundation. “We acknowledge the complexities of this issue, from access, cost to short growing seasons in the U.P. However, we know we can do our part to seek evidenced-based solutions to an issue that has only been exasperated by the worldwide pandemic.”

SHF hosted a food insecurities roundtable discussion in June. More than 60 stakeholders from across the region and downstate attended the gathering either in-person or through video conferencing.

“We have found, from past experience, these roundtables help us more clearly define the objectives we need to address in the RFP,” LaJoie said. “We had scores of actively engaged participants, sharing their insights and wisdom on how best to address an issue that impacts many. That peer-to-peer analysis was incredibly beneficial in crafting this RFP.”

After the responses to the RFP are received, the foundation will announce the award(s) at its Fall Grants Program, scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 20, at the Holiday Inn in Marquette.

In 2021 and 2022, the SHF will award more than $800,000 in funding to address food insecurities. The SHF is also actively collaborating with several Upper Peninsula and statewide funding partners to leverage the foundation’s funding to make substantial progress in addressing food access and education, with an emphasis on local growth and production.

SHF is open to renewing funding for year two, provided organization(s) successfully implement their year one plan and have a continued work plan for year two.

“We’re optimistic other U.P. and state funders will see the value in joining us to help find solutions to address complex food insecurity issues in the Upper Peninsula,” LaJoie said.  

View the RFP and the Grants Portal to view the RFP and submit your application. The deadline to apply is 11:59 p.m. Eastern on Friday, August 6.

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