Superior Health Foundation seeking funding applications for 2023 annual gala

Are you a non-profit with a health-centered mission? If so, the Superior Health Foundation invites you to submit a funding request, with the hopes you’ll be part of the SHF’s 2023 annual gala celebration.   

The Superior Health Foundation annual gala will be held on Saturday, Sept. 30, 2023 in the ball rooms in the Northern Center on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette. Proceeds from the gala will benefit SHF. In addition, the SHF Gala Planning Committee will select one, health-centered project ($15,000 or less) in the U.P. and award those monies at the gala.  SHF will ask the non-profit receiving funding to invite employees and guests to the gala. 

The project must align with SHF’s mission, which is “to assist with unmet healthcare needs, with health education, and with programs and research on preventing illness and promoting health throughout the Upper Peninsula.”

The Superior Health Foundation will accept applications through Friday, Dec. 16, and will select a non-profit project in late December. The project will then be forwarded to the SHF Board of Directors for approval in January. 

Those with questions are asked to call the Superior Health Foundation at 906-225-6914 or email

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