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SHF unveils changes to grant-giving

COVID-19 Pandemic prompts SHF to tweak granting guidelines, help health-centered non-profits

The Superior Health Foundation, a non-profit, health-centered organization based in Marquette, has announced that it is implementing immediate changes to its grant-giving practices to address the COVID-19 Pandemic.

At its most recent meeting, the SHF Grants Committee discussed in great detail the grant-giving role SHF needs to play for the duration of the calendar year.  The Grants Committee unanimously agreed to the following changes, which were adopted by the U.P.-wide Board of Directors. 

  • $60,000 in funding has been earmarked for a “Covid-19 Operational Fund.”     
  • The funding application period will run from May 28 through June 11 
  • Non-profit organizations that received funding through the federal Payroll Protection Program are ineligible to apply.
  • Eligible health-centered, non-profit organizations can apply for a maximum of $5,000 in one-time operational funding
  • Health-centered, non-profit organizations have to be in existence for at least three years to qualify. 

SHF Executive Director Jim LaJoie said the pandemic has put a number of non-profits in the unenviable position of laying off/furloughing employees and cutting back on operational expenses. The SHF Board, LaJoie noted, clearly recognizes the incredibly important role health-centered, non-profits play in the Upper Peninsula, spurring a much-needed immediate shift in SHF’s giving principles. 

“In its eight-year history, the Superior Health Foundation has traditionally provided very minimal grant dollars for operations. We have, from time to time, awarded initial funding to enable worthwhile projects to get off the ground,” LaJoie said. “However, we are now living in an unprecedented time, a new world. Thus, our Finance & Audit Committee recognized the need to add grant funding to address current events. 

“To that end, the board of directors — acting on advice and recommendations from the SHF Finance and Audit Committee — has unanimously agreed to provide $60,000 in funding to provide a minimum of 12 eligible health-centered, non-profits with one-time payments of up to $5,000 to help with operational support,” he added. “We understand and empathize with the many challenges our non-profit friends and neighbors face and want to do our part to help in any way we can.”

Funding is open to health-centered, non-profit organizations in the Upper Peninsula whose missions clearly align with that of SHF, which is “to assist with unmet healthcare needs, with health education, and with programs and research on preventing illness and promoting health in the Upper Peninsula.”

The Grants Committee will meet immediately following the deadline and decide on funding. 

The SHF has set aside other funding for health-centered projects through its Fall Granting Cycle. That cycle will run from July 1-Aug. 1 

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