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Superior Health Foundation makes changes to existing grant policies

MARQUETTE – The Superior Health Foundation, a health-centered, grant-giving organization headquartered in Marquette, has updated and made minor changes to its existing grant policies.

According to Jim LaJoie, executive director of the Superior Health Foundation, the most notable changes are with smaller grants.

Effective immediately, mini-grants are now “Pilot Project Grants.” Mini-grants were originally designed to provide seed funding for start-up, health-centered projects across the Upper Peninsula. Over time, however, the SHF Grants Committee found itself reviewing small grant requests to complete funding projects, which went against their original intent.

“Thus, we’re changing the name of these grants to better reflect their purpose, which is to fund start-up projects with the hope these projects will emerge into something bigger. At that point, they will be encouraged to re-apply for larger funding,” said LaJoie, adding that Pilot Project Grants are not to exceed $2,500.

In addition to that change, Equipment Grants, which were formerly housed under mini-grants, now has its own policy. These grants are designed to provide funding for health-centered, equipment needs across the U.P.

Finally, Large Grants will now be called Spring Grants and Fall Grants.

“Essentially, the SHF Grants Committee is open to funding health projects that don’t necessarily fall under pilot project or equipment grants,” LaJoie explained. “Thus, these grants need not be at least $2,500.”

Formed on Sept. 1, 2012, the Superior Health Foundation began awarding grants in the spring of 2014. Since its inception, it has awarded more than $2.7 million in grants to organizations across the U.P.

“Our Grants Committee did an incredible job of reviewing existing policies, and as part of its due diligence to improve our grant giving, offered its recommendations to the full board of directors,” LaJoie said. “It unanimously accepted the recommendations, which we feel offer more clarity in our grant giving going forward.”

Language for the new policies are on the SHF website ( under the Grants tab. A power-point presentation, which details the types of grants offered and offers tips for applying for grants, was shared with a group of non-profit leaders on Thursday, Jan. 9. To view it, click the link below.

Those with questions regarding the grant changes are encouraged to contact Grant Coordinator Laura Jarvi at 225-4763 or by email at

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