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Superior Health Foundation approves more funding for Covid-19 Pandemic Fund

In response to an overwhelming need on the part of health-centered, non-profit organizations across the Upper Peninsula, the Superior Health Foundation is funneling additional dollars into the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund. 

Today, the SHF Board of Directors unanimously agreed to shift an additional $15,000 into the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund. 

Two weeks ago, SHF created the U.P.-wide fund by setting aside $25,000 to help organizations with emergent equipment and programming needs. That funding, coupled with charitable gifts, has since been awarded to 26 organizations across the region, triggering the demand to award additional funding dollars. View list of funded projects.

“Not surprisingly, the needs of our non-profit friends are immediate and we want to do our part to help,” said Jim LaJoie, executive director of the Superior Health Foundation. “This initial funding helped organizations in a wide array of areas, including personal protection equipment (PPE), sanitation and cleaning supplies, medications, IT needs and many more. 

 “We’ve talked to many non-profit leaders across the U.P., who not surprisingly, find themselves in unfamiliar territory. We hope these grants help in some small way.”

People are also encouraged to support the Covid-19 Pandemic Fundraiser with a tax-deductible gift to provide additional dollars to support the fund.

“A number of donors from across the U.P. have supported this fund with charitable gifts. We’re very thankful for that support,” LaJoie said. “We encourage others to consider supporting.”

The Covid-19 Pandemic Fund awards a maximum of $1,000 to organizations. Those applying must fill out the short online form, with emphasis on how the funding will be immediately used. 

Those who give a charitable gift will be afforded a drop-down menu to direct their gift to the area they choose. 

To apply for funding or to give a charitable gift, simply visit the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund page.

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