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COVID-19 Update from the Michigan Public Transportation Association

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolves, Michigan Public Transit Association (MPTA) and Michigan Transportation Connection (MTC) feel it is important to acknowledge the fluidity of the situation and maintain a reasoned and measured response. This message is to update you on our position regarding workplace safety and our efforts to continue serving our members,  clients and community. 

In all situations, the safety of our members and clients is our top priority. Therefore, we have been following the guidance of federal and state agencies, including Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, to ensure we limit exposure and encourage containment of COVID-19. To that end, all MPTA/MTC staff are working remotely as possible, our East Lansing office is closed to external guests, and all MPTA- and MTC-hosted meetings will switch to a virtual interface. We have made these changes to support our staff as they maintain their health, care for their families, and serve their communities by reducing risk for their neighbors. 

It is out of this spirit of self-care and service that we are able to honor our commitments to our members, clients and partners, many of whom are in the population health and healthcare industries. We aim to remain accessible to you while working alongside you to accomplish priorities that existed before the COVID-19 pandemic and address the issues caused by its impact.

These are difficult times for Michigan, but we want you to know that MPTA & MTC are leveraging all of its information technology infrastructure to facilitate meetings and communicate with stakeholders. We are also actively developing contingency plans to maintain client services in light of evolving circumstances. Should you wish to reach out to us, all MPTA/MTC staff phone numbers are working and should reach their intended recipient.

Our transit system members remain committed to observing the FTA guidelines of daily disinfecting of all buses and frequent disinfecting of high-touch areas in vehicles and buildings. Most public transit agencies remain open and fully functional, unless local governance has deemed otherwise. Transits serve critical needs in their communities and are committed to fulfilling these obligations, unless directed otherwise by national or state directive. 

We have been partners with you for more than 40 years, working together to solve difficult problems—large and small. Today is no different. 

If there is anything we can do to support you, know that MPTA and MTC are here.

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Superior Health Foundation
Superior Health Foundation
SHF Covid-19 Grant at Work!

Several weeks ago, the Superior Health Foundation awarded a $1,000 grant to Michigan Tech University to help cover expenses for product design and production of filtered face shields, meeting the specifications developed with the Western U.P. Health Department (WUPHD) in development with the National Institute of Health (NIH)
The face shields were donated to local first responders and health organizations who express a need.
We're happy to support!
Do you have a unfunded need during this Covid-19 Pandemic? If so, apply for SHF Covid-19 Pandemic Funding. Simply visit our website at and click on the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund.
Please also consider supporting with a charitable gift to strengthen the fund and help others with pressing needs across the region.
Superior Health Foundation
Superior Health Foundation
SHF Covid-19 Funding at Work!

The Superior Health Foundation awarded $1,000 to Lake Superior Life Care & Hospice to help pay for its Zoom healthcare license. This allowed LSLC & Hospice the ability to provide telehealth services for its hospice patients and Adult Day Service caregivers and participants.
To date, the SHF has provided nearly $35,000 in funding to 39 non-profit and service organizations across the Upper Peninsula.
Funding dollars remain in the SHF Covid-19 Pandemic Fund. To apply for funding or to give a charitable gift to help support the fund, simply visit and click on the Covid-19 Pandemic Fund button.
Thank you for your support!
Superior Health Foundation
Superior Health Foundation
SHF Grant at Work!

In May 2019, the Superior Health Foundation awarded a $1,849 mini-grant to the Historic Ironwood Theatre for its “Don’t Laugh at Me” program.
The "Don't Laugh at Me" playwright and performance initiative is a student-driven, anti-bullying program. Its creation was inspired by Peter Yarrow's Operation Respect April 2018 performance at the Ironwood Theatre for area school children. When the Awkward Stage Drama Club (ASDC) started work on the anti-bullying project in June, the intention was to create original scripts addressing bullying.
Several teen members spoke about the pervasiveness of bullying in schools and their desire to make a difference. They wanted the teen members of ASDC to determine the direction of the project, and they have.
The project has evolved with the input of the 25 6th to 12th graders of ASDC. An unanticipated result of the original proposal and SHF mini-grant is the ownership of the initiative shown by ASDC teens. They are speaking out about bullying, and they have expanded on the original idea of a one-time presentation of short, one-act plays. The plan is to have multiple performances of alternative fairy tales followed by a large-scale production of "Shrek the Musical."