The Superior Circle

Superior Circle

As we increase our reach, fundraising will continue to be a centerpiece of our operations. We invite you to renew your commitment and join us as we work to improve the health of the entire Upper Peninsula. New to our contribution options is the Superior Circle in which members receive special tokens of appreciation. We depend on your charitable gifts and hope that you’ll support the Superior Health Foundation as we begin a new mission that will help Superior individuals and families for many, many years to come.

$21,946.89 has been raised through March 15th, 2015!

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Members of the Superior Circle!

Gold ($1,000 or more)

Dr. Daniel and Constance Arnold, Marquette

Dr. Adam and Pat Brish, Marquette

Bob Cowell and Kathleen Olivier, Big Bay

Dr. Mike and Emily Coyne, Marquette

Judy Farrell, Marquette

Martha Glatus, Cooks

Dr. Jim and Kathleen Keplinger, Marquette

Esther Kivisto, Marquette

Jim and Kim LaJoie, Negaunee

Turner Construction, Detroit

Mick and Judy Vonck, Marquette


Silver ($500-999)

John Whitney, Marquette

Gary and Helen LaPlant, Gladstone

June Schaeffer, Pelkie


Copper ($250-499)

Dr. Marc and Rene Himes, Negaunee

Col Bernadette Reider, Marquette

Ernie LaJoie, Negaunee


Iron ($249 and under)

Dr. Amy Bolmer, Leeland

Dan and Lisa Jahnke, Marquette

Dr. Miles and Nancy Mattson, Marquette

Judy Watson Olson, Gwinn

Steve and Joni Peffers, Gwinn

Steve Perucco, Negaunee

Burns and Carolyn Severson, Champion

Dr. William  and Rita Short, Marquette

Dr. Richard and Beth Stanchina, Marquette

John and Donna Marshall, Marquette